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Omaha, NE


The Disclaimer (dun dun dun)

This blog is filled with my own opinions, like them and stay, or don't and leave. Simple as that.

I am the legal copyright holder of this blog, and you may not use my posts, publish them, reprint them, or anything else, without my permission. Basically, don’t steal; it’s illegal.

This blog is for entertainment purposes (mainly my own, but hopefully yours too). If I ever give you legal, medical, relationship, or lifestyle advice, accept it on your own terms. I am not an expert in any of those areas. I may not even know what I’m talking about, so just ignore it, and if you don’t, do so at your own risk or reward.

The privacy statement: I will not sell your information. I will not put you on spam lists. I actually don’t even know how to do any of that, but just so we are clear, I am stating it.

I reserve the right to do whatever I want on my blog, to change it, to shut it down (I don’t know why I’d ever do such a thing), or change the terms of use as I see fit. It is my blog; I do what I want.

I am not responsible for any advertisers or sponsors. If you have a problem with them, or something you purchased from them, take it up with them. What you see on this blog may not be the views of the sponsors or advertisers.

I do have control over which comments show up, and which do not. If you would like to get in contact with me, do so via email. If you make a comment on a post, I assume you want it to be there. If you want it to be private, state so, and I will keep it private.