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Omaha, NE

A personal blog to act however I want, say whatever I'd like, and be whatever I want to be.

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In My Makeup Bag

Rhegan Lundborg

The makeup and face stuff of the broke girl. I can barely afford my apartment, so when it comes to face care and makeup, I have to compromise where I feel needed. I splurge on what I think is important and save where I feel it's not. Here's my list: 

Face Stuff:

Soapy Layne Herbal Face Toner

I love Soapy Layne and all her products!!

I also use her Face Cream but I'm out right now and was in a pinch.

I use Bioelements Foam Cleanser so in a need for moisturizer, I went back to the Absolute Moisturizer. 


Whatever primer I can get my hands on (Smashbox or Benefit right now)

Smashbox Studio Skin is my go-to foundation. I use Benefit BB Cream for the spring/summer. 

I use Wet N Wild's contouring powder. $4 at Walmart. Dude, it works. I am buying the NYX contour powder soon so I'll have a little more options. 

I don't often use blush but will do a cheek stain sometimes in the spring/summer.

The Nudes Maybelline eyeshadow palette is the cheap version of Urban Decay and works pretty great. 

My favorite highlighter is the Champagne Fizz eyeshadow by Maybelline (I like the shimmer).

I always wear mascara even when I'm not wearing foundation. My favorite mascara is Benefit's They're Real, however, Urban Decay's Perversion is slowly kicking that mascara's ass. I love it. I have such teeny lashes and it works wonders. Also, NYX's Le Mascara Extra Mince is THE BEST for bottom lashes. 

I finish with NYX's Matte Finish Setting Spray.


Honestly, my favorite lip stick are these pencils I get at Walgreens. They're the Jordana brand. Located right by the register. They stay on forever, never cake, and even leave a little stain so that reapplying isn't needed regularly.

I also like Revlon's lip pencil things.

My new favorite is Meet Matt(e) Hughes's liquid matte. It lasts FOREVER and I actually have to use an oil to get it off at the end of the day. I have Loyal.

There you have it. I'm no professional. I just buy and try and if I like it, I keep using it.


Rhegan's Single Adventures

Rhegan Lundborg

Remember this tweet?

Well I remember wandering around my "wandering" I mean sitting on my couch watching Netflix...and thinking about how much I miss blogging. Then I thought of how boring it would be if I blogged. I go to the movies by myself and talk to my dog. I'll spend an entire day off not saying anything to anyone aloud...except for River, my dog.

I spent the last ~10 years bouncing from relationship to relationship. I am single for the first time in a while. I'm happy about it. I am fixing my broken self, by myself. I'm thinking about going back to school (again), working on some new yoga stuff, and I am doing pretty damn well. AKA: I'm happy. I'm not lonely. I don't plan on changing my status.

So this blog could last a while is what I'm really trying to say...

So let's just chitchat about how awesome it is being single over the holidays! </sarcasm>

I only got asked (half joking) a few times about producing grandchildren for my parents. My go-to comeback is always about driving to the sperm bank to pick one out for them. I brought my dog and since she's pretty much my baby, that was even more fun. The single 29 year old carrying around her dog, kissing and nervously watching her all the time, treating her like a first-time mom would treat a newborn. However, it's more being freaked out that my puppy mill rescue chihuahua is going to bolt again and get lost for 4 more days, or pee /poop in the house, or have someone terrify her and I just get super nervous about it. Overall, it was great. She was fine. She loves my stepfather, Jim, and she calmed down. 


Other than that, New Year's Eve was mild and fun. Hello 2016, I've got some plans for you...let's see if I can stop watching true crime shows to complete some of these goals.

Have a super Tuesday.



Do Some Yoga With Me

Rhegan Lundborg

I do yoga. Some of you may know this.

I also teach yoga. I teach 5:45am Tuesdays and Thursdays as this super amazing place called Omaha Power Yoga

At least 4 times a week, someone mentions to me that they're interested in trying yoga. A portion of you who say this are just being polite. You may never have intention of going to yoga, and that's okay. For those who even have the slightest interest, maybe even a little nervous to take the plunge, I have some options for you to start the yoga journey.

Get your ass to the studio. I recommend Omaha Power Yoga. It's truly beautiful. The studio is clean and warm. The students are friendly. The teachers know their shit. I love that place. I'll go with you your first time if you'd like a buddy. I don't have to place my mat next to yours if you're a little intimidated. Just say when. If anything, you will leave being happy you took an hour out of your day for your health and happiness, you'll realize there wasn't any reason for wariness, and maybe you'll come again. The schedule. The workshops. I can tell you that I'll be going to this Bryan Kest workshop in February. You should join me. 

I haven't seen as much of the studio as I'd like lately (holiday season in "retail"). However, I've been doing Bryan Kest's Power Yoga Holiday Challenge. I've joined PowerYoga.Com. I've become a Bryan Kest's yoga classes. So here's the second option I have for you, if going to the studio really terrifies you. Come over, borrow a mat, and do some yoga with me.

This yoga challenge is only 6 weeks long (and it's almost up). However, the other day I got the crazy idea to start over. So, if you'd like, we could redo the whole 6 week challenge together (I'm redoing it anyway). You don't have to do it all with me if you don't want, but if you just wanna come over and see what all this yoga fuss is about, I offer that to you. Pick a time.

That's all I've got.

Happy Saturday

Happy Birthday to Me

Rhegan Lundborg

    29 feels different. I don’t think I’ve had a birthday that really felt like I was getting older. My 18th birthday arrived at a slow pace because, of course, all I wanted was to be an adult. My 21st birthday was uneventful. When I turned 25 I thought I should be going through some sort of quarter-life crisis, but apparently that was saved for the big 2-9. Everyone keeps reminding me that it’s the last of my 20s, as though I should be celebrating and not freaking out. The last of my 20s…good. I disliked a lot of my 20s. However, I am not fucking ready for my 30s. Hence the freaking out.

    I’m officially on my own, and right now, I’m not handling that amazingly. I’ve bounced from 3 serious relationships for the past 6.5 years. For the first time in my life I’m consciously adult-ing on my very own. I can’t afford anything…really. I am worried about where the fuck I’m going in my life, considering I left a management position in a retail job almost 4 years ago to find something new and exciting and well…I work in retail…again. It’s a bit different because I love my job so very much, but it’s hard seeing people the same age as you in a far better position, with higher pay, families started, babies made (even though I’m fine without babies), and what seems like a proper, set, grown-up life. All while I sit here floating about in my life: a certified power yoga instructor that isn’t teaching, a person with 2 college degrees thinking about getting one more, struggling to put proper, healthy food in my fridge, and find time and money for the copious amounts of hobbies I have. It’s hard, sometimes. Some days (like this Wednesday morning), all I can focus on is the negative…the questions that are hard to answer: Where am I going? What the fuck do I have to show for myself? Can I buy some damn healthy groceries? How can I find time for another job or how can I get some extra cash? Or should I even care about that at all? Other days, I’m fine…and I’ll tell you why…

    I have an amazing family. My parents are always there for me and I can’t even put into words my love for them. My siblings are amazing and I’m so proud to be their big sister. I have this large, crazy, extended family and I love every one of them, even those I haven’t met yet. I have a beautiful, little chihuahua named River. She’s a breed I thought just wasn’t for me, but visiting Hearts United for Animals and feeling the longing of all the poor little ones that just needed some love, I couldn’t help but feel the need to save her. She grows as I grow. She teaches me patience and has given me stability. I need her as much as she needs me. And my friends…I simply have the best friends anyone could ask for. My coworkers become family. Hell, we probably see each other more than we see our own families. They are my favorites. I feel so much love from them today and I couldn’t be more thankful that I’m a part of that “cult”. I’ve never had a birthday before with so much kindness given to me in words, thoughts, and mantras.

    The life stuff…the truth is that no one really has it together. Most of us just pretend to know what the fuck we are doing, taking comfort in knowing that pretty much everyone else is faking it until they make it, too. I bet a lot of the people that I think have it completely together are asking themselves the same questions that I ask myself. Sometimes, it’s really hard, but to be honest, I’m just not that cookie cutter kind of person. I don’t have that lifestyle. I never have been that person. I’ve always been the mysterious outsider, the loner, the private introvert who is damn good at pretending to be an extrovert. I don’t know what category I come from…but it’s my own. I do know that I’m incredibly passionate and this gets me into trouble a lot. I pole dance, do aerial fitness, paint, make pottery, love technology, am a big Joss Whedon nerd, adore geeky things, love science, am Jack of all trades and master of none, and am fiercely, aggressively independent. I push limits, ride fine lines, and sometimes take big leaps into good or bad things solely based on my feelings. Then I learn the lessons that follow. I may never have that white picket fence kind of life…but to be honest…I’m not sure my personality could take that. Which is why, sometimes, adult-ing is so hard. I don’t have those kind of plans that some people do at 29. I don’t know what I’m going to be when I “grow up”. No clue. I may never know. I want to do it all. Maybe the 30s will shed light on some kind of path.


    Right now, I'm going to try to enjoy and accept who I am today, make a crown out of flowers for my birthday festivities tomorrow, and cherish time with my best friend while feeling all the love sent my way on my 29th birthday.