Yoga and Aerials

ALPS Portraiture

ALPS Portraiture

It all started when…

I took a class at Omaha Power Yoga, a long time ago.

I bounced around from studio to studio, always coming back to my home at OPY. I later received my power yoga certification and am always looking to continue my growth and expand my knowledge.

I started aerials about 5 years ago, but did take a three year break during that time. I enjoy hammocks and pole fitness.

I feel like I’m starting over in both worlds: yoga and aerials, but I am determined in getting back to them and expanding my skill and deepening my passion for the things I love.

I look fowled to getting aerial yoga certified one day, getting back to teaching, and to one day opening my own studio.

Here’s to the journey.

When I have updates, they’ll be posted here.