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Omaha, NE

A personal blog to act however I want, say whatever I'd like, and be whatever I want to be.


Rhegan's Single Adventures

Rhegan Lundborg

Remember this tweet?

Well I remember wandering around my "wandering" I mean sitting on my couch watching Netflix...and thinking about how much I miss blogging. Then I thought of how boring it would be if I blogged. I go to the movies by myself and talk to my dog. I'll spend an entire day off not saying anything to anyone aloud...except for River, my dog.

I spent the last ~10 years bouncing from relationship to relationship. I am single for the first time in a while. I'm happy about it. I am fixing my broken self, by myself. I'm thinking about going back to school (again), working on some new yoga stuff, and I am doing pretty damn well. AKA: I'm happy. I'm not lonely. I don't plan on changing my status.

So this blog could last a while is what I'm really trying to say...

So let's just chitchat about how awesome it is being single over the holidays! </sarcasm>

I only got asked (half joking) a few times about producing grandchildren for my parents. My go-to comeback is always about driving to the sperm bank to pick one out for them. I brought my dog and since she's pretty much my baby, that was even more fun. The single 29 year old carrying around her dog, kissing and nervously watching her all the time, treating her like a first-time mom would treat a newborn. However, it's more being freaked out that my puppy mill rescue chihuahua is going to bolt again and get lost for 4 more days, or pee /poop in the house, or have someone terrify her and I just get super nervous about it. Overall, it was great. She was fine. She loves my stepfather, Jim, and she calmed down. 


Other than that, New Year's Eve was mild and fun. Hello 2016, I've got some plans for you...let's see if I can stop watching true crime shows to complete some of these goals.

Have a super Tuesday.