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Omaha, NE

A personal blog to act however I want, say whatever I'd like, and be whatever I want to be.


In My Makeup Bag

Rhegan Lundborg

The makeup and face stuff of the broke girl. I can barely afford my apartment, so when it comes to face care and makeup, I have to compromise where I feel needed. I splurge on what I think is important and save where I feel it's not. Here's my list: 

Face Stuff:

Soapy Layne Herbal Face Toner

I love Soapy Layne and all her products!!

I also use her Face Cream but I'm out right now and was in a pinch.

I use Bioelements Foam Cleanser so in a need for moisturizer, I went back to the Absolute Moisturizer. 


Whatever primer I can get my hands on (Smashbox or Benefit right now)

Smashbox Studio Skin is my go-to foundation. I use Benefit BB Cream for the spring/summer. 

I use Wet N Wild's contouring powder. $4 at Walmart. Dude, it works. I am buying the NYX contour powder soon so I'll have a little more options. 

I don't often use blush but will do a cheek stain sometimes in the spring/summer.

The Nudes Maybelline eyeshadow palette is the cheap version of Urban Decay and works pretty great. 

My favorite highlighter is the Champagne Fizz eyeshadow by Maybelline (I like the shimmer).

I always wear mascara even when I'm not wearing foundation. My favorite mascara is Benefit's They're Real, however, Urban Decay's Perversion is slowly kicking that mascara's ass. I love it. I have such teeny lashes and it works wonders. Also, NYX's Le Mascara Extra Mince is THE BEST for bottom lashes. 

I finish with NYX's Matte Finish Setting Spray.


Honestly, my favorite lip stick are these pencils I get at Walgreens. They're the Jordana brand. Located right by the register. They stay on forever, never cake, and even leave a little stain so that reapplying isn't needed regularly.

I also like Revlon's lip pencil things.

My new favorite is Meet Matt(e) Hughes's liquid matte. It lasts FOREVER and I actually have to use an oil to get it off at the end of the day. I have Loyal.

There you have it. I'm no professional. I just buy and try and if I like it, I keep using it.