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Omaha, NE

A personal blog to act however I want, say whatever I'd like, and be whatever I want to be.


Do Some Yoga With Me

Rhegan Lundborg

I do yoga. Some of you may know this.

I also teach yoga. I teach 5:45am Tuesdays and Thursdays as this super amazing place called Omaha Power Yoga

At least 4 times a week, someone mentions to me that they're interested in trying yoga. A portion of you who say this are just being polite. You may never have intention of going to yoga, and that's okay. For those who even have the slightest interest, maybe even a little nervous to take the plunge, I have some options for you to start the yoga journey.

Get your ass to the studio. I recommend Omaha Power Yoga. It's truly beautiful. The studio is clean and warm. The students are friendly. The teachers know their shit. I love that place. I'll go with you your first time if you'd like a buddy. I don't have to place my mat next to yours if you're a little intimidated. Just say when. If anything, you will leave being happy you took an hour out of your day for your health and happiness, you'll realize there wasn't any reason for wariness, and maybe you'll come again. The schedule. The workshops. I can tell you that I'll be going to this Bryan Kest workshop in February. You should join me. 

I haven't seen as much of the studio as I'd like lately (holiday season in "retail"). However, I've been doing Bryan Kest's Power Yoga Holiday Challenge. I've joined PowerYoga.Com. I've become a Bryan Kest's yoga classes. So here's the second option I have for you, if going to the studio really terrifies you. Come over, borrow a mat, and do some yoga with me.

This yoga challenge is only 6 weeks long (and it's almost up). However, the other day I got the crazy idea to start over. So, if you'd like, we could redo the whole 6 week challenge together (I'm redoing it anyway). You don't have to do it all with me if you don't want, but if you just wanna come over and see what all this yoga fuss is about, I offer that to you. Pick a time.

That's all I've got.

Happy Saturday