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Omaha, NE

A personal blog to act however I want, say whatever I'd like, and be whatever I want to be.

Why I do pole fitness.


Why I do pole fitness.

Rhegan Lundborg

You've heard me talk about pole fitness a lot. Like, a lot, a lot. Just so you know, I'm not planning to stop. I recently read this article here on PoleFreaks. It basically sums up why this wonderful lady does pole fitness or pole dancing in the first place.

It made me want to share with you why I do pole fitness, why I talk too much about it, and why I can't see myself stopping. 

First, let's just get the pole jokes out of the way. Yes, there are obvious jokes that go along with telling someone you like to rub yourself against a pole. And yes, the stripper jokes are funny; I've heard them all. I laugh; I know most of my friends or coworkers are joking and it's all good, innocent fun. But you know what's nice? It's a change of pace when a coworker or friend comes up to you, says they saw your pictures on Facebook and tells you how awesome your move looked and how much strength that must take. They give you an honest compliment, no stripper jokes, no tiny clothes comments, no funniness, just a "great job lady" compliment. That feels nice. I just wanted to throw that out there. It's also nice when it's referred to as practicing my Olympics (heard that last night and loved it).

Now, why do I love pole. I started about 2 years ago with a cumulative break of about 6 months (money issues, studio issues, and just time). I've blogged about pole dance and aerial hammock before and shared my new journey with the new studio, Aerial Bombshell, but this is just a bit more personal. You should still check out Lyndi, and her studio (plug plug).

It's amazing what the last two years of pole have done for my self esteem. I am landing things now that I only dreamt of doing while watching YouTube videos in the first months of starting. I mean, climbing up a slippery pole (ha ha joke here) is already difficult, but flipping yourself upside down while you're up there, well, I just did that for the first time last night (HOORAY!) and let me tell you, it was not easy and something I've been practicing for months.

Learning a move in class and not landing makes you so darn angry. All you can think about is that particular move. Really, you go out to eat, you think of it, you watch TV and find yourself YouTubing the move; you even dream of the move. Then with extreme determination, as well as a ton of bruising, and very sore muscles, one day, you land that fucker. That is genuine happiness. Your body has grown in strength to land that move, therefore, in that moment, you feel like you can achieve anything...that is, until the next tough move your amazing trainer throws at you. It's a constant learning. One could go to the gym and do the same moves over and over, but maybe with more added weight. I learn different things every class, harder and harder than before, and perfect moves I already know. Now that is my kind of fun. Then I link them together in routines. The feeling of always moving up and achieving bigger and better things just doesn't stop.

I have more strength than I ever had. I have more confidence than I did a year ago, even 6 months ago. It's great to feel like an amazing, strong, beautiful woman. Not many in Omaha, or even in the U.S. do pole dancing as a sport or a fitness regimen. I am not a ballet dancer, I did gymnastics when I was in super young. I've had no prior flexibility training. I do yoga, which I love, and pole fitness and aerial hammocks. That's what I do. I don't like running, I love the gym, but it's so boring. This is my excitement, this is where my fitness passion lies. I am just a normal girl who decided to try something fun and got hooked, and ultimately bettered my body and mind from it. I now eat healthier than I ever have, practice flexibility, stretching, and incorporate yoga into my life, and I do all these things, of course, to better myself, but ultimately, without pole, I may have never done any of that. I do them because of pole fitness. I do them to better my pole fitness so that in turn, it betters me. I even got my grandma to try a climb (seriously).

The little clothes aren't for looks, they are little because you need skin to grab and stick against the pole. Have you ever tried to climb one with pants on? Well come on over, and I'll show you what I mean. Lastly, I've made some awesome friendships. Sure, gym girls can rock hardcore, but it's great to be a part of a group of people who can brag about having poles hooked up in their living rooms and speak in pole-talk, "I just landed an aerial invert to thigh hold to scorpio to gemini to butterfly to a shoulder dismount". On Instagram, Twitter, and StudioVeena I have pole friends all over the world. We share videos, pictures, and support to each other. We boost each other with love and compliments. So even if at work, or in my real-world life, I am getting mostly stripper jokes, I still have my pole club, my class friends, and my boyfriend (who, by the way, takes videos, pictures, and lets me brag without any jokes or complaints). 

Thanks for listening. Maybe you'll be inclined to try a class, or maybe you'll just get a little better understanding of me. 

P.S. Watch some YouTubes of me here.