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Omaha, NE

A personal blog to act however I want, say whatever I'd like, and be whatever I want to be.

Look what I can do!


Look what I can do!

Rhegan Lundborg

Or rather, look what I'm learning and hope to be amazing at one day!

This is aerial hammock class, also known (and a bit different than) aerial silks. This class is taken at Aerial Bombshell led by the amazing, seriously wonderful, Lyndi.

So here's my story, and why you should get yourself all up in this (yea, I said it that way).

Andy and I acquired a photo shoot job of Lyndi one day, a little over a year ago. We do photography, and she was wanting some pictures. I had never met her before, and Andy and I had never shot together before, so this was a new experience all around. With a bit of bickering during the shoot (it can be hard to find your momentum as a couple-photography team), we actually got some amazing shots of Lyndi on her pole. Pole fitness man, is A-mazing! We shot about 3-4 hours and she held these poses (Sandlot pun), and was beautiful doing it.

Now, a bit about me before I go back to her. I have never been one for the norm. Fitness had to be different for me. Tried the P90X, and although I love it, and may even do it again, I need something different, fun and spicy to keep me going. After this photo shoot I wanted more. I took a few personal training sessions from Lyndi and bought my first pole. Then later, I upgraded to the X-Pole X-Pert and a vaulted ceiling mount and we had this (you may have seen this image before). --->

I followed her to a few places around town that she used to teach at, and I will follow her wherever she goes as long as I'm in the same town. Hell, when I come back to visit, you bet I'll be taking some classes. I will endorse her until I'm blue in the face talking about how much I love her and her professional bombness (yes, I did that, too). 

Lyndi has now opened her own studio, finally ;), and all her followers could not be more elated. Her new place is Aerial Bombshell and upon opening she offered free classes. Gotta get that word out somehow, you know. I was unable to take pole classes due to school and work scheduling conflicts, although, after taking a few months off here and there this past year, I can't wait to get back to some pole and the bruising that comes along with it, once my schedule changes next semester. So, I decided to get some hammock classes in. Why not? They were free, they sound fun, and she has always done such an amazing job before in my pole classes, so of course I'd try anything she threw at me.

Now, I'm planning on buying both packages of pole fitness and the hammock classes. Then with the pole and the hammock, along with my 3-4 days a week of yoga, I'm gonna be busy having some fitness mother-fuckin' fun, baby. I'm excited. And you should be, too.

Omaha isn't exactly the happinin' place for this. There's only one other pole fitness studio (├╝ber expensive). Lyndi is also the only one who has aerial hammock classes. I'm not writing this blog to beat out competition, because, obviously, she owns it, there is no competition. I'm writing to tell you why I love her, and why you should step out of your box of norm, and try it, too. 

She's an amazing professional. Safety first, man, then teamwork (anyone, anyone?). Spotting is a must in her class when teaching difficult moves and she makes sure to go over it once, twice, and help you with what you need. Second, many ladies are concerned with body issues, me more than most. I've got a belly of jiggles, I'm not skinny or even super strong. My arm strength is that of suckage. However, I've never felt small or low here, and I've never felt judged by anyone other than myself. She makes you feel comfortable and welcome, and if you're not very good at the strength, well, it'll come with practice and work, and she will help with that. I know some girls who are afraid to go because they think they'll suck the first time and they don't wanna suck in front of everyone. Well, here's the honest truth: we all aren't good the first time we try brand new things, but you will learn, grow, and get better. I can now do upside down stuff: the scorpio and the gemini (pole moves) and I'm working on the butterfly (only nailed it once). A year ago, a pole sit was difficult. It takes time. We don't judge, because we were there, and we had a great teacher to walk us through it, push us, encourage us, and make our self esteem boom when we hit the thing we've been trying to do forever (sink my damn knee pit into gemini...fuck yes, finally got it). 

So, I challenge you to try it. Just once. One pole class, and one hammock class. Try it. You'll love her, and you'll love yourself, and learn some amazing fun things while getting fit. And then you'll be like me, and own this fucking awesome 10ft pole in the middle of my living room, dreaming about rigging up some equipment in the attic so that I can hang a hammock from the ceiling.

Living room circus freak, here I come.