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Omaha, NE

A personal blog to act however I want, say whatever I'd like, and be whatever I want to be.

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Artsy Fartsy.

Rhegan Lundborg

Spring, where are you?

I want to do crafty things. I want to clear up my painting area in the basement and paint some stuff, I want to learn how to make my own raku kiln and make some pottery (a hard process, I've already done the research), I want to do some crafty projects around the house. Winter just makes me feel like bummin' around. Painting things outside is just not possible when I just want to hide under the blankets and watch Home Improvement. Classic television show, old favorite, and I just got them to watch. Or play some Tomb Raider...hmm...maybe tonight?

I have some light installation ideas, some painting projects including a few abstract ideas and some lotus flowers, some sculptural ideas and then sweet bookshelf and end table shelf ideas. Can I get this all done? Yes, but I want it to be warmer. Spring is fun, happy, and inspiring. Winter is gloomy. I'm over the gloom. Bring the fun.

I'll be sure to share some of the projects when I'm finished.

Let's get crafty.


Pottery made in 2012. It broke. Sad day.

Macro Orchids

Rhegan Lundborg

I got a surprise gift of my favorite flower. So naturally, because I love macro shots of flowers, I took some snaps. The image below will take you to view them. Enjoy.

 Macro Photography: Orchids

Macro Photography: Orchids

Things I learned from the cruise

Rhegan Lundborg

1) I don't get sea sick, but I get sea dizzy which isn't a whole lot better. Dramamine has been my friend, but it isn't the best as it makes me really tired and drugged up all the time. 

2) My yoga at home is the best. Ever. Cruise yoga is barely yoga...but it's also better than nothing.

Side note: I met a Cali yoga instructor on my second day of class and she really enjoyed not listening to anything our instructor was doing and just did her own thing. Handstands when we weren't even doing anything close to. So now I will stereotype Cali instructors with liking to show off. ;)

3) They don't mess around with the alcohol. Holy fuck. Day 2, I was drunk by 4pm. Which leads to point 4:

4) I am not a day drinker. I will never be one. This month I will be not having any alcohol...and maybe even more than just February.

5) Funny thing about iPads and Kindles. People always talk about how the iPads have glare so they can't read outside. Every iPad user I saw was in the sun...reading. Every Kindle user I saw: sitting under the shaded parts of the ship. I laughed.

6) I met a lot of amazing people and started some wonderful friendships. The best parts of the cruise were the people. 

7) The worst part was the missing out on fun due to the whole point 1 up there.

Overall, it was a great time. The beach on Haiti was amazing and the ocean was perfect. I wish I got to enjoy more of the fun times with everyone. The staff on the cruise ship were wonderful. It was a great time meeting new people and hanging out being nerdy together. I wish it was a bit less touristy, but I really loved it and came home with a wonderful tan, great new friends, and sea wobbly legs that moved to land wobbly legs. I'm hoping the whole wobbliness stops soon. I had the best night of sleep last night and the most vivid dreams I've had in a long while. Hero pose during yoga class will never be the same again. :)

Now, it's time to take care of housework, fix all the things the cat got into, and do a bunch of laundry. Tomorrow, I make that shoulder appointment with the doctor, and then hopefully get back into some yoga and pole. I miss both and fear I lost a lot of strength while I was gone. I guess we shall see.

See you guys soon.


I love my yoga.

Rhegan Lundborg

I just felt the desire to write about yoga today after I had an amazing class.

**Side Note: It probably wasn't my personal best as I fell off my pole a month ago and am now facing shoulder repercussions. I fell right onto my shoulder. I have it on video. No, I won't show you. I thought it was just bruised and now it's burning and incredibly tight. (I will be visiting the doctor when I get back from vacation). **

Anyway, it was still an amazing class.

A little bit about my yoga history: I started right out of high school as a way to get fit. I am from a small town and back then (I swear I'm not that old) we didn't have any yoga offered in my city, so I chose a couple videos. I really enjoyed it, but it was done along with running and for no other reason than to stay in shape. I used to run. *shakes head in disbelief*

Then I moved to Omaha and because I was broke I continued the videos, as well as continuing my adventure on the treadmill and trying to find other ways to get fit and stay in shape. That's all that mattered to me. I eventually landed myself on some P90X and the YogaX was my favorite. I read a little (really, I mean a little) on yoga and was going through some hard times and some harder breakups and yoga was the only thing that really relaxed me and quieted my mind. It helped me a lot, so I looked into going to different studios. Being a poor college student meant that I had to find places that were affordable. It didn't mean I was looking for a cheap place as cheap may actually mean suck, but expensive doesn't always mean best either. 

I took a class with Jeff at Omaha Power Yoga because he was offering a $20 for 20 classes deal. It was the perfect time as I was starting a new journey in my life and figuring out that running wasn't working for me (I now will only run when someone is chasing me). The gym was alright but didn't make me happy and instead made me focus more on my looks rather than my soul and that's what I really needed. I wanted to do things that made my soul happy, that got rid of my anxiety and helped my mind. I remember the first Power Alignment class I went to we talked a lot about the "philosophy" of yoga, more than we actually even physically did yoga and I left the class so happy. He spoke about how flexibility and strength are just added benefits, but yoga is for your life on and off the mat. (He says all of this a lot better than I do). At that moment, I fell in love with OPY.

I ended up there for my 20 classes and then my school schedule changed and so I had to go without. My thoughts during that time always drifted back to the intensity of OPY and the way that I felt after those classes. I always call it a mind-wipe. I am clear, happy, settled, free...I could keep going on and on about how I feel after a class, but you get the point. None of these words have anything to do with physical things like 'I feel stronger, more flexible' because those things are afterthoughts for me. I get on the mat to improve my soul and Omaha Power Yoga does that for me...reveals my soul, my emotions. It's confronting in the best way ever. It helps me be my best me and it brings me peace. :)

I ended up at another place for a while because of a gift certificate and as I mentioned before, I had conflicting school schedules with OPY and I could attend more classes at the other place. The classes were great and the teachers were awesome, but it just wasn't the same. So as soon as school allowed me to attend more than once a week, I switched back to OPY and now that I'm done with school, I don't intend to switch places ever again. In fact, I will hopefully be doing the teacher training with Jeff starting in April. 

So pretty much what I'm saying is that yoga changed my life and Omaha Power Yoga along with Jeff and his amazing teachers have helped with my journey. If you are ever thinking about something different than the gym. If you're just not happy there and are realizing that the gym makes you more sad than accepting of yourself, then maybe give yoga a shot. If it's not for you then that's okay. But as someone who would often leave the gym in tears, the gym harmed me more than healed me. My soul deserved better, and I found it at OPY.