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Omaha, NE

A personal blog to act however I want, say whatever I'd like, and be whatever I want to be.

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Artsy Fartsy.

Rhegan Lundborg

Spring, where are you?

I want to do crafty things. I want to clear up my painting area in the basement and paint some stuff, I want to learn how to make my own raku kiln and make some pottery (a hard process, I've already done the research), I want to do some crafty projects around the house. Winter just makes me feel like bummin' around. Painting things outside is just not possible when I just want to hide under the blankets and watch Home Improvement. Classic television show, old favorite, and I just got them to watch. Or play some Tomb Raider...hmm...maybe tonight?

I have some light installation ideas, some painting projects including a few abstract ideas and some lotus flowers, some sculptural ideas and then sweet bookshelf and end table shelf ideas. Can I get this all done? Yes, but I want it to be warmer. Spring is fun, happy, and inspiring. Winter is gloomy. I'm over the gloom. Bring the fun.

I'll be sure to share some of the projects when I'm finished.

Let's get crafty.


Pottery made in 2012. It broke. Sad day.

Macro Orchids

Rhegan Lundborg

I got a surprise gift of my favorite flower. So naturally, because I love macro shots of flowers, I took some snaps. The image below will take you to view them. Enjoy.

 Macro Photography: Orchids

Macro Photography: Orchids

It's officially official

Rhegan Lundborg

So I got my grades back today.

I have my bachelor of art in art management. Boom!

So I've been in college for almost 10 years. I got my associate in behavioral science. Then I fucked around in studio art at the community college in Columbus. I took some classes at Wayne State. I visited UNK and UNL. I took a year off here and there. I moved to Omaha, enrolled in UNO and got shitty ass grades because I drank a lot of beer and never slept. One of those years I took off was after that incident. 

Finally I enrolled at Bellevue University, but went back to psychology. I'm very interested in sexual psychology...or I can just say sex right? I like the psychology behind sex. Whatever, however you want to say it. 

I was 2.5 semesters away from graduating with a psychology degree and I was stressed out and cried a guess what? I went back to art. I went into what I like to call the practical studio art degree. It's art management. Business classes mixed with art classes. How to work in art related businesses or how to have your own business is pretty much what I learned. I also have a minor in studio it's still there. 

It's been a long road. It's been a crazy time. 5am Perkins breakfasts, years off, many jobs, never making up my mind, but I am finally done.

Only thing, nothing's really changed. I just have more free time. Soon I'll be finding and moving onto different things (maybe making more money and not in any retail job), but for right now, I'll enjoy the time I actually get to clean the house, write, do art, and NOT do homework.



Doubles Day

Rhegan Lundborg

Yoga class tonight reminded me why I love yoga.
It also showed me how powerful my mind is and how your body can do much more than your mind thinks it can. Just breathe <3
It also reminded me how much disgusting sweat pours out of me. Fuck.
I just wanna wear my tiny pole shorts and sports bra because I get so grossly sweaty, but that's probably pretty inappropriate unless you're in a hot yoga (yuck) class.
Lastly, even though my flowy green tank is a big love of mine, it ends up over your head often in class. Probably a no for next time.

Then in pole class I learned so many transitional pirouettes, a sweet spin and a flexible upside down move to help me lead into a sweet upside down move.
I also realized how much stronger I'm getting (see below straddle flag)

I'm so thankful for my teachers.
I love my double days.

I'm wiped now.
Batman and stretching? Don't mind if I do.

(Ps. Blurry photos but I don't care, I'm still proud)